Compel is a brand communications agency based in London.

Founded on the belief that brands are created by people who notice things, we are as adept at finding your personality as we are at delivering strategies for growth.



Today, B2b marketing is about cutting through, finding differentiation and a clear message that resonates in your marketplace. We have a developed a successful end-to-end programme for firms in this sector, tailored to the marketing challenges they face in terms of expertise, resource, creativity and above all consistency.


Building brands from startup to exit, we have extensive experience and accumen at guiding partners through their evolution


We have built a strong reputation in the financial services sector in deliverying brand and digital services, including merger and acquisition brand support. In 2017 ventured in to SaaS platform development, including cloud-based reporting systems for hedge and institutional funds as well as private equity firms throughout the UK. Learn more


Whilst the legal sector faces unprecedented change in how they do business and compete today, the greatest challenge is the future and how technology and online will impact their business. What hasn’t changed is the human condition and its need for support in times of extreme stress and change.